Friday, January 18, 2013

Fresh Out of the Box

A fresh box of brand new books arrived with our delivery today, and boy are they shiny! We dug through the offerings and picked out our favorite non-fiction and fiction titles to share here on the blog. You can find these titles on our shelves at Park Central, first come first serve, or you can click on the images below to place a hold on one of our other copies.

Our fiction pick is titled Bone River, and has so much going on we don't know exactly what to make of it. An oysterman's wife. An artifact collector. Lead character Leonie studies the native culture of the Washington Territory. On her thirty-seventh anniversary she makes a discovery that changes everything. A mummy. Set during the mid 19th century, this book seems to have a bit of everything; mystery, mysticism, history and a strong female lead.

Our non-fiction pick is truly one of the coolest books to come through lately. Serengeti Spy: Views from a hidden camera on the plans of East Africa is filled with full page color photos from the most interesting view points.On page 131 five lion cubs stare curiously into the camera lens, and on 102 a mixed herd stampedes over the camera. The book includes many species, including elephants, hyena, wildebeests and buffalo. The images range from endearingly cute pictures of young elephants playing, to rather gruesome images of meal times.

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